My monthly magazine haul consists of the above four copies, along with Style, Female and sometimes Amica. I love the fashion spread layout that Amica takes, but sometimes I would prefer not so many pictures and some content between the lines. Other times it would be the other way around, so I fickle between the three. I actually stopped buying local magazines because it cost me quite a bit to be spending so much each month on the Japanese ones, but I figured that I had to keep in touch with the local fashion scene as well as what the stores have to offer.

I would usually buy ViVi (some say the version of what Vogue is to Japan), CanCam and Popteen (not really for the styling but more for the makeup). Scawaii used to be a magazine that I usually would purchase, but I skipped out on it lately out of buying the more ‘grown-up’ ViVi and CanCam. And oh, a must-buy would be the seasonal Queen Beauty. As a result, I have a lot of magazines that I have to go through in a month and sometimes, I would find unopened copies of a few in my pile. This goes the same for my beauty books or makeup tutorials. *guilty face*

In case you think your eyes are playing tricks on you – these are the same Popteen December issue. The copy on the right with the Chinese words on the cover is the Taiwanese edition of the magazine. I used to think I was crazy to buy both versions of a single magazine, but that was not until I got frustrated trying to figure out what cosmetic brand and color shade the Japanese magazine featured.

The difference in the two magazines is clear in the picture. Note the thickness of the Japanese one compared to its Taiwanese counterpart? You aren’t missing out a lot if you purchase only the Chinese version, cos’ it skips out on mostly the comics / horoscope / extensive styling while retaining the skeleton of the magazine. I personally buy it for the makeup application techniques only though. I leave the ‘ooh-ahh’ to the Japanese magazine as I ogle at the models and their fashion, which can hardly be duplicated elsewhere.

Here is the freebie given when you buy the January ’11 issue of CanCam. In my opinion, I feel that this is the best GWP so far as I didn’t like the Kitson GWP and my sister took the MBMJ mini-tote with her to NTU. The brand in collaboration this time is L’OCCITANE and I vaguely remembered the rose print when I popped by the outlet at Raffles City to check out their latest rose range. Not much of a body lotion / scrub / cream user thus I didn’t buy any back with me, though the EDT smells really lovely.

It came packaged very nicely too. I bet it must have cost L’OCCITANE a pretty penny this time round, but again, the unmeasurable benefits you reap from the care that you put into your work. Here is the generous sample of their Body Cream and I was wondering where the handkerchief was, until I spied that hole in the cardboard box.

There you have it! The magazine costs S$19.80 and I bought it without the Kinokuniya Member card, thus without the 10% discount. I didn’t apply for it when my previous one lapsed, but now that I’ve been regularly buying magazines each month, I think it might just be more economical for me to apply for one again, yes?

Iris of Rougedeluxe has posted up pictures of the freebie here and reviewed the sample of the body cream here. Her blog is extremely helpful as she also did an entry on the Spring ’11 makeup that the other Japanese makeup magazines featured, and is also one of my daily must-reads.

The hanky is really of a good size and not the measly ones you get with the usual GWP. I foresee using it as a background for my haul pictures, or even as a bag scarf for my Neverfull.

Have a good Tuesday everybody, I’m having holidays now and now that I’m superbly free, shall work on more blog posts heh. ^_^