Hello everybody, its me again! I did my nails whilst watching Despicable Me – they are now a lighter shade of navy blue courtesy of Etude House. I have on my trusty not-sticky Seche Vite topcoat, but still not risking it with a shower yet. Tried photographing my nail color, but it simply wouldn’t show up in the light! Shall try again tomorrow when I help my mom out in her office ^_^

I was at Orchard earlier on at a whim, checked out the CANMAKE glitter nail polish and shared the gold one with my youngest sister. Yes they are a bitch to remove, especially so if you like to layer them on thick so that the glitter will show like gel extensions. I’m now determined to hunt down OPI Bring On The Bling after trying it out at Sephora, but my 8ty8beauty polish order list is getting longer and longer >_< that certainly doesn’t bode well for my pocket.

We stopped by Cedele for Dinch. Dinch = Dinner + Lunch. Actually we had to be home for dinner but my sister was hungry and we decided to have a little late afternoon snack that soon became a meal. We ordered the Carrot and Walnut Cake with cream cheese frosting, the Caesar Supreme and the Beef Aglio Olio.

The slice of cake costs S$6, comparable to the yummy Carrot Cake that The Marmalade Pantry offers. However, I prefer this as it’s less sweet and rich than TMP one, though with a hot pot of earl grey the cake might taste different.

As you can see, they don’t skimp on the cream cheese at all. It’s not too rich, thick or heavy, balances the flavor of the cake very nicely I reckon.

Mom and I shared the Caesar Supreme, costs S$15 or more thereabouts? Again, I can only compare it to the Crabmeat Caesar that I had at The Marmalade Pantry. TMP’s version costs more at S$22 a plate, has mayo slathered all over it and measly portions of crabmeat. The Cedele’s Caesar Supreme had eggs, bacon, and grains in their salad that made it enjoyable to eat, and healthy too! The dressing was a mix of mayo and vinaigrette, very appetizing!

And they have olives and mini tomatoes too! I didn’t like the purple thingys though, very bitter :S

My sister was hungry and ordered the Beef Aglio Olio. Let me tell you, its awesome! I didn’t have a taste of the beef, but just the penne alone was so flavorful! Perfectly al dente and just a hint of spice, I don’t think there was any garlic included but it was topped off with healthy doses of olive oil! Very yummy and I would definitely order it for myself next time round XD

Okay, enough with the posts, time to shower and then slurp down my bowl of bird-nest! Hehe. Been too long since my dad cooked it for us and mine is chilling in the fridge already *drools*