Monday was a very special day to me as I managed to snag not one, but two items on my highly-coveted list. However that feeling of euphoria and excitement soon evaporated rather quickly that night, shall not bemoan nor tell-all here; some things are better left private as they would mar the happiness that I fought so hard to piece.

Anyhow, here is the Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge that I grabbed at Ion Orchard!

Don’t let its puny appearance fool you, this tiny thing packs a mean punch! I’m wearing O.P.I Barefoot in Barcelona on my thumb and Etude House polish in PP903. I will rave about the Etude House polishes in a separate post so look out for it! ^_^

Thanks to Jae, her glowing review here convinced me that I needed this sponge detergent in my life, pronto! However, good things are meant to be snatched shared, and my repeated search trips to Daiso left me empty-handed. I guess too many people knew how good the detergent was and at S$2 a bottle, it wouldn’t break the bank to haul as many as you can carry. I only went to the outlet at Ion Orchard, so perhaps the ones at Vivo or Plaza Singapura would be restocked faster. No guarantees though and the Daiso staff are already shorthanded, so I wouldn’t want to trouble them to call up the other stores to request for it.

Please check out Jae’s review of the detergent –  it’s very comprehensive as well as containing step-by-step instructions to cleaning your sponges. I’m still deliberating between spending for a Beauty Blender sponge, Jae’s Tofu Love sponges, or just stick to the normal sponges one can purchase at neighborhood stores. This subject is very hotly contested; I remembered one episode of 女人我最大 where 小凱老師 said he used the cheap sponges alike for both celebrities and models. But I also worry about cheap sponges absorbing too much product into themselves and thus, wasting my foundation. To be honest, my Some-Kind-Of-Gorgeous from Benefit is already seeing pan in the center and that has shocked me as I have it only for less than two months and don’t use it daily. I can’t help but wonder if it’s due to my makeup sponges (that I also purchased from Daiso) or just the creamy foundation that is responsible for it. Though I’m not really complaining because this allows me to switch between brands to try various formulas. But still, the problem of foundation sponges is bugging me at the back of my head, perhaps I should open the packet of Muji sponges to experiment.

Alrightos, no off-topic here XD Jae’s glowing review of ’em sponge detergent made me determined to lug back as many as I could (without seeming like an daft idiot to my mom). I even asked her should I purchase more, seeing that the detergent bottles are always OOS the previous weeks I checked back for them. So after much serious thought about it, I bought six bottles of them home with me! **I should really invest in ONE quality sponge now shouldn’t I? >_<

Another reason for that many bottles is that they don’t contain much detergent liquid in them – i.e not filled to the brim. In fact, I would say that they are only 80% full :S

You can see the amount of detergent in each bottle clearly. Though the bottle is tilted, the liquid level only reaches the bottom of the yellow line.

Colors have been adjusted to show the contrast in order to show the liquid level. The detergent is a clear soapy liquid in real life.

Interestingly, there is no indication of the total volume of the detergent. In addition, the Daiso Puff and Sponge Detergent touts to do the following:

  1. Removes remaining foundation quickly!
  2. Safe cleaner mostly composed of detergent kind to the skin and sponges!
  3. Disinfecting and Fragrance-free and contains no pigment.

At S$2 a bottle, no harm trying it out, especially if you use expensive sponges to apply your liquid foundations and whatnot. Jae used it with her Tofu Love sponges and they came out sparkly white as the day she purchased them, so I reckon the detergent is good at what it does, albeit in a rather deceiving package haha.

I saw an entire cardboard tray and some standing ones left on the shelf after I lugged back my bottles, so you may also hurry over to Ion Orchard to check it out for yourself ^^