Why hello again! I’ve just finished editing pictures for this entry when suddenly, it rained and I jumped up like a cat that got her tail caught in the door (more like an ant on a hot pan) to close all the windows in the house before it flooded like before. Anyways, this is a continuation of what my blog was before I got allmadeup – a food blog! If you read the archives, most of my posts were centered around yummy food (at least to me for that matter) and I remember that the Sushi Tei Grilled Hotate featured rather frequently heh. So here it is, my mommy’s birthday dinner at Daidomon last Saturday!

Daidomon is our go-to place for family dinners and we were pretty bummed out when we went there a few months ago and realized it wasn’t there anymore. We were pretty sad at the thought of another fine restaurant bit the dust. *sadface* However, thanks to C’s ninja skills, we discovered that it actually moved to a new location *phew*

Before we begin, I was scrolling down the posts and realized I don’t have any pictures of myself on my blog lately, and so, ta-da!

My sister and I, waiting for a taxi to take us to Novena Square. Daidomon used to be at Beach Road, but they moved to a new place after the rent got sky-high. My mom’s birthday was actually on a Monday, but my sister C is currently studying in NTU and shuffles from hostel to home during the weekends, so we decided to have the dinner on Saturday night.

I’m wearing the CANMAKE Cream Cheek Blush in 01 on my cheeks. My first time wearing cream blushers, and it was really easy to blend. Was pretty surprised at how natural the color was as I already have naturally pink cheeks, but the color showed up almost exactly even when I had foundation on. I bet this would be a great base color for all the pink powder blushes.

Uh, two monsters waiting for their food? We had the usual orders of Gyu Tongue / Wagyu / Karubi / Pork Belly / California Maki / Dessert. Once the ordering was out of the way, time to take pictures! Visible pimple alert: my Some-Kind-Of-Gorgeous foundation can only do so much without the help of concealer XD

Here I have on the CANMAKE NUDY GLOW lipgloss in #1 – Rose Macaron. Don’t ask me why I didn’t have it on earlier, we waited long enough for me to remember to put on lipgloss and snap a picture for my blog hehe. It’s glossy without being too thick or sticky and I find that it has a plumping effect on my lips? Not so sure about that, but do note that I can’t comment on the color as I’m not wearing any lip concealer underneath it.

Okay, enough with the pictures, shall start on the food! I was actually drooling when I began editing the pictures on PhotoScape heh.

This is a must-order whenever we go to Daidomon for dinner. We love it so much that two portions are necessary for the four of us. You basically mix the raw beef together with the egg yolk, and eat it with the apple and cucumber slices. Very yummy!

Ok, everything featured in this post is a must-order, or actually the only selections we will ever order off the menuat Daidomon. Been there too many times and these are what I think, the best the restaurant can offer. Of course, much of it depends on your personal preference of meat ‘done-ness’.  There is also a buffet selection as well but I didn’t like it the last time I tried it. If memory serves me, it costs around S$88++ for the Wagyu Beef Buffet.

These are the US Karubi – or short ribs served without bones. The Koreans call it ‘galbi’ and their version include bones. No prizes guessing which version I prefer :p

Here are the wagyu beef slices cookin’ on our grill! Very important to have a clean grill for meat grilling everybody, you would want the pure taste of meat yes? To be honest I cannot remember the taste of dinner but as you can see, the marbling of the meat is already quite fantastic so no problems about the taste.

Ok I confess, C and I were busy stuffing our faces with the savory meats that we didn’t have time for pictures XD

The Ox Tongue has an almost ‘rubbery’ texture when chewed, very unique and absolutely delicious!

Any buffet isn’t complete without the customary pork belly! However, I still stand by my statement that my self-marinated Korean pork belly slices are nicer! ^_^

My mom doesn’t really drink, so the three of us polished off three bottles of hot sake altogether. I much prefer soju or sake over tequila shots actually, no nasty after-taste or vile feeling in the throat. This costs S$33 per flask.

My blurkid sister with her sake flask for company. Can’t wait for our much-talked-about trip to Korea where we can sit down at the roadside stalls and drink soju fo’ real.

To wrap things up, I ordered the Ichigo Ice for dessert. They are the ones you can order at Mos Burger, albeit a bigger version. Tastes pretty much the same and also freezing to the teeth.

The sheer ingenuity of the Japanese was aptly displayed in the Ichigo Ice. For convenience, they had the top of the strawberry removed completely and it’s like a ‘finishing touch’ to my dessert. Doesn’t make it taste any better though >_<

My sister ordered the Matcha (Green Tea) Ice Cream and it was so good that I had to order another one for myself! Sadly it’s not available in the supermarkets as the restaurant ordered it in bulk from their Japanese suppliers. The taste of the matcha was rich yet not overwhelmingly strong or bitter. Best eaten with the sweet red beans, yummy!

Dinner cost us nearly S$400 for the four of us, after factoring a 10% credit card discount. To be fair, Daidomon isn’t exactly the cheapest place for food (and we did order a lot of other food and drinks apart from the meats), but for the quality you get, it’s a great deal. My experience with the regular buffet didn’t work out, but I might actually go back for the WBB instead heh.

I’m gonna end it with a picture of my sister’s perfectly straight and white teeth. She didn’t get them with braces – they are au naturel and I’m utterly envious! *sadface*

Off I go to watch Harry Potty now! Not a fan of book-to-movies series but the reviews have been awesome, so I’m gonna check it out for myself. Have a good night everybody!