Good morning! Here is the last part of my Watsons haul! I remembered that I was so excited about posting this up as CANMAKE is my favorite Drugstore brand, but why so marked up over here in Singapore? =( I was at Tampines 1’s Watsons and I saw the CANMAKE Gel Volume Top Coat at S$17.90. I was so intrigued by its description on the website and was reaching for it when I saw its price-tag of S$17.90 – nearly twice its Yen price! *sad face* My Seche-Vite Top Coat, as annoying as it gets when it gets sticky and thick, costs less than that. I really cannot justify its price right now, but well, it’s the start of a new month XD so everything gets wiped off to a clean slate yes? Hehe.

I have a total of eight items here, but I only got seven of them from the sale. The eyeshadow quad pictured was bought the night before the sale, thus I paid the full retail price for it. >_<

A clearer picture of them. I grabbed the fake eyelashes as a last-minute buy as the Watsons SA (who’s their die-hard fan apparently!) behind me was urging me to try them out at their sale price. See the power of persuasion at work here?

I chose two different designs. Here is No. 03. You can see that it has more volume towards the end of the lashes, I personally prefer more volume then length since my own eyelashes are very fine and very lightly-colored.

Here’s a close-up of the eyelash. I’m super noob at this, perhaps Jae from SMUB can provide more explanation on the various types of fake eyelashes for you on her blog. Very detailed analysis she does.

The No. 11 eyelash has more volume in the center of the eye. Don’t quote me as I’m no expert, but I think the purpose is to give you a super wide-eyed look?

A  close-up on the eyelash. The lash band isn’t the transparent type though. Again I’m no expert on this, but I think that the black eyelash band provides an eyeline for you already. Great for lazy and inadept people like me who still can’t draw a decent eyeline.

The CANMAKE eyelashes retail at S$9.90. Sad to say, I always find it so hard to find a properly stocked CANMAKE counter in Singapore.

This is the CANMAKE Four Shiny Eyes in 03 Milk Chocolate. This is my first eyeshadow quad – thus I chose to purchase a brown neutral that is easy for me to handle. I think it’s simply a Virgo trait for me to gear towards the nude earthy colors, but it may also be the beginner instincts awakening haha. The colors swatched beautifully on the back of my hand, not sure about how it performs on the lids though. Shall use it after I’m done with this entry. ^_^

The best thing about these Japanese eyeshadow quads is that they come with instructions for the beginners of all beginners. If you, like me, have this nagging trait of making sure you put all your makeup on right and proper, you should try your hand at this because the Japanese (are sticklers like us) kindly included an eyeshadow guide on the back of the quad. They labelled the shadows, drew an eye, and shaded all the areas the shadows are supposed to be used. Pretty nifty I should say!

As I’ve mentioned above, I purchased this the night before the Watsons sale, thus I paid the full retail price of S$19.90. That works out to be S$5 per shadow.

Here is the PORE COVERING POWDER that I reckon might do something for my very obvious pores. Will update about it later heh.

And finally, my favorite part of the haul. I got a Lip Concealer in the lighter of two shades available, the NUDY GLOW lipglosses in #1 and #4 (still loving it and the beauty essence that leaves my lips moisturized!) and my first CANMAKE MAXI VOLUME ROUGE in #23. I didn’t like the other shades when I swatched them during the sale, still didn’t like them either when I tried it on again at NAC Watsons or the Tampines 1 outlet.

That’s all from me everybody! Swatches and reviews will be up once I start using them things! My next post is either a Dolly Wink one, or the DHC one *guilty face*, or the Metro Ladies Night one or the Shiseido Private Sale one. Heh, thanks for reading!