For someone who prefers (only) to bathe in steaming hot water, I have this weird penchant for heavy rain. I love the chilly, wet night air that curls around your ankles like an affectionate pet before caressing your bare arms in seductive tendrils, and the redness of the skies when the rain’s looming a few hours away. I wish the weather’s like this every single day (or just freakin’ snow already Singapore!) so that I have the perfect excuse to buy wellies, trench-coats, mufflers, scarves and the o’glorious boots. No shiny patent dominatrix thigh-highs complete with precarious heels for me; I prefer the safe but boring flat boots that coincidentally resembles the few pairs my sister lugged back from our trip to Hong Kong earlier this May. Too bad that she’s at least two sizes bigger than me *sad face*

Anyhow, I have to resist again, the urge to buy everything in the Uniqlo store. Lately I’ve been in a everything-but-clothes phase, choosing to spend on accessories (the likes of knitted mufflers over plain tops) and of course, skincare and cosmetics. Chinese New Year is practically in plain sight, and my classmates are out for clothes-shopping already. But here I am, thinking of printed scarves to jazz up the many black jackets I own, or a statement necklace over a plain tee. Go figure.

Back to the Uniqlo store, I think I might be inclined to double back on Sunday to check out their lounge-wear; the pants look so comfortable and uber soft! Or is the fact that the heather grey color makes everything look worn-in? Hmmmm….. And their winter-wear accessories is beckoning too, practically a ‘how to style up a boring pad-me-up outfit’ guide.

Wish me luck on the ICM exam everybody, I’m certain that my eyes registered more than 40,000 words in this week. Oh my lordy.