My brain is bleeding from the amount of words squeezed into it for the whole of today. Though I did accomplish much (five chapters and all the readings combined), I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the feeling that there is more I can do/read/memorize.

The funny thing is, now that my complexion is improving, the stress is showing up on my scalp. It’s like I’m constantly having to put out ‘fires’ everywhere and anywhere – what’s most annoying is the unbearable itch that gets me so riled up and then I, scratch. Miserable kid is me I tell you. *sad face*

My plan to bite the bullet and plunge straight into Topic 6 were once again, shot through as it’s 12:36AM on my desktop. I think my brain has already used up the vigor the hot shower gave it earlier on and what’s left is for me to finish up my skincare routine and continue laughing at my sister for buying the wrong nail polish. Please be careful when googling for swatches, always get another (expert) opinion to compare the color accuracy. One woman’s cream is another’s beige, you get the drift eh?