isn’t working out at all. It isn’t my resolve that is weakening – I would like to blame it on the poor kid staying upstairs for banging out the same practice piece on the piano umpteen times over for two hours and counting.The best part of it? He/She has been practicing for months; one would have thought that the piano grading examinations were over by now.

My train of thoughts on the effectiveness of mediated discussions and negotiation tactics were severely interrupted at times, resulting in the deviation of ‘win-win’ situations to hardball ‘zero-sum’ strategies which would make any negotiator run for his/her life at the cut-throat efficiency of it. So not good for business. Not to mention, the image of  activists running amok in my head when the fur-clad celebrities decide that enough is enough and retaliate by splashing red paint back does not spell well for my exam on Friday. Activists and strategists go hand in hand, no? Both require much well-thought scheming behind their gameplay, though the activists have it much easier by playing the role of wild, crazed fanatics.