Hello everybody!

I do apologize for the lack of updates here as I’m having an exam on Friday evening and I really gotta catch up with my readings. And of course, the MNET Ultimate Live Concert is on Saturday, so I’ve made plans already with my sister to go queue overnight to get our tags – with the hopes of getting a glimpse of the boys from 2PM as well >_<

While I honestly don’t know what else can I promise to blog about (surely you all require some kind of informative content and not some off-the-tangent ramblings), I’m on Night 6 of the DHC Camu-Camu Whitening Trial Kit. Review will be posted as soon as I finish the 3-step series, which hopefully will be next week when I have more time :p

Signing off and sweet dreams everybody! Off to school to print readings and whatnot tmr, waaa.