Hello everybody!

It’s strange how I manage to procrastinate my ICM studies for a whole week, but no matter. I shall definitely start after my mother’s birthday dinner tonight. ^_^ Woke up early today for brunch and to the supermarket for some cleaning supplies. Thanks to Shop & Save’s double point thingy, I paid S$2.50 for both my Female and Style magazines! Woot!

Anyhow, I’ve just put the finishing touches to my mother’s present, hopefully she will like it. Okay she will definitely like it because she wanted to pay for it already, but I managed to distract her from doing so. I initially wanted to get her a Mon Blanc pen, but oh my god, those pens are expensive even at entry level, and quite heavy. Looking forward to a yummy dinner tonight XD

P.S. I’m so not looking forward to drawing the damm eyeliner! T_T