Technically, this doesn’t constitute as a ‘haul’, since I actually only ordered one item. But heck, it comes with a few other items 😛 First of all, I love Paul & Joe’s Lip Treatment. Why? Because it – 1. lasts long on my lips 2. doesn’t require me to dig into the tub that lip balms usually come in 3. I actually see an improvement in my lip texture. I stumbled upon the Lip Treatment by accident when my Paul & Joe SA showed it to me when I asked her about the moisturizing lipsticks from Anna Sui. No matter, one application later  and I was hooked!

I cant remember how long did it stay on my lips though, the fact that I remembered it was long-lasting probably puts it at a few hours at least 😛 Retailing at S$25, the Lip Treatment applies clear and I feel that my lips were more plump even though it isn’t a lip plumper. However, I lost it somewhere and couldn’t find it T_T Imagine my surprise when I saw it retailing on ASOS, and at a cheaper price too!

You can purchase it singularly on its own, but I chose to purchase it as part of a skincare set that was exclusive to ASOS. I even double-checked to make sure that the Lip Treatment I was getting was the original full-size heh. Unfortunately, the skincare set I got is OOS now, but the Lip Treatment is still in stock. I would recommend anybody who is looking for a good lip conditioner to buy this. You can save a few bucks as well with the free International Shipping ASOS is currently offering XD

It includes:

  1. Moisture Lip Treatment 3.2g
  2. Deep Cleansing Milk 18ml
  3. Refreshing Skin Toner 25ml
  4. Moisture Lotion 25ml
  5. Paul & Joe Make-up Bag

The Paul & Joe Lip Treatment spreads on lightly with a melting, dissolving sensation, resulting in a supremely luxurious satiny coat. Gloss oil keeps a lusciously moist shine and a thick coat in place for hours on end. Also, shield oil curbs the evaporation of moisture, keeping lips plump and full for the whole day.

It is a huge saving considering that the Lip Treatment is selling for £11.00 whereas the set is also selling at £11.00. The free samples notwithstanding, you get a free makeup pouch as well ^_^ It is very well-made and a large enough capacity to put my Moisturizing Primer, Blusher, Lip Treatment, as well as the Sparkle Collection items all in it.

See the stitching details? Very well made bag indeed. The set is a bargain because Paul & Joe makeup pouches go for £20 on ASOS.