Its a quiet contentment I feel sitting here in Marriott’s lounge with a huge Christmas tree in front of me. Everywhere else is crowded in Orchard tonight as most people are out enjoying the Christmas spirit. Somehow it feels different than Chinese New Year; perhaps the peaceful lulling carols being played invokes a totally different feeling of happiness and joy in us.

I was at Sephora earlier and wanted to get the M.A.C #129 blush/powder brush to apply my blusher base colour, however it was out of sock 😦 I checked out the Toki Doki eye palettes as well, the purple colour ones are sold out, while the brown palettes are left with only a few. I tested out the shades as I wanted to buy the smokey eye palette, but the colours were simply too glittery for my liking! Not a single matte colour I reckon. I didn’t let my brain get the best of my wallet and quickly left before I could pick it up :p

Hope all of you are also enjoying the few weekends before Christmas! 🙂