I love love love Skinny Pizza, even though this was my first time trying it out. We decided to go there for lunch a few Sundays ago after attending the AFA at Suntec, I think the menu varies as I recalled seeing pasta selections at the Raffles City branch. However, so not complaining after we ordered!

Look at it, doesn’t it look so delicious?! Okay it does to me, salivating now >_< The crust is actually cracker, whereas the toppings are on a thin layer of dough. Can’t remember what this pizza was, but it had pesto nuts on it and the green things tasted horrible! The star of the show was the Squid Ink Pasta and the Truffle Fries, sadly no pictures as we were all busy gorging ourselves on the food 😛

What I wouldn’t give to have some of it now *sad face*

To wrap up blogging on this cold rainy day (the weather was magnificent IMHO, I loved it!), I shall leave you with my all-time favorite grilled hotate from Sushi Tei ^_^ Nom nom nom nommy nom!