Hello everybody!

Shall not procrastinate and post up my entry, now that I have got the pictures edited and the words are already in my head. In my haste earlier this morning, I stupidly forgot to take pictures of the colors of the eyeshadow quad and lipstick, so I will edit this post tomorrow morning once I’ve got the pictures ready took pictures of them in my room under white light for the purpose of this entry. XD

Presenting to you, my modest beauty haul from ASOS ^_^

My order consisted of the

  1. Paul & Joe Sparkles Collection Cat Lipstick in Over The Moon £16.00
  2. Paul & Joe Sparkles Collection Eyeshadow in Paper Moon £18.50
  3. Paul & Joe ASOS Exclusive Skincare Set £11.00

First up, we have the Cat Lipstick and Eyeshadow quad. As mentioned earlier, I did a makeover with Paper Moon and loved the subtle sexy look the MUA did for me. Alas, I didn’t purchase it on the spot because I was heading to my birthday dinner and didn’t want to bring along a paper bag to Zouk (where the official celebrations began). When I went back for it though, it was sold out already 😦

The Paper Moon (Eyeshadow) and Over The Moon (Lipstick) comes in a beautiful orangey-red packaging that is printed with graceful swans that are depicted with delicate feather-work for wings. I love how Paul & Joe coordinate their eyeshadow quads and the lipsticks together in matching prints. I wouldn’t be left wondering which lip color to choose for my eye makeup now that it has already been picked out for me. Lazy much? :X

I wouldn’t mind one bit to reuse the box as a case for my earrings once I’m done with the eyeshadows. So very pretty! No worries about the case being too flimsy, it’s a sturdy box but being made out of cardboard, you would have to be careful when handling it around liquids. Wouldn’t want your makeup remover anywhere near this.

This is the first time I’ve seen Paul & Joe release such an eyeshadow quad, because their previous offerings usually come in boring and nondescript plastic rectangle palettes that contain a trio of colors. So not appealing at all.

Paper Moon: Expresses the mystical glow of the sun and moon. Imagine of the paper moon turning yellow with the evening sunlight.

As always, I was greeted with a wiff of Paul & Joe’s signature orange scent when I opened the palette. At S$49, you get quite a bang for your buck as the quality of the eyeshadow is smooth and not gritty. Upon close inspection, all the colors have subtle shimmers, but I will make do with that because I love the earthy tones of the palette and they are easy for a beginner like me to handle ^_^ The only complaint I have is that I can’t use my fingers to apply cos’ that will probably mess up the colors.

Next we have the Cat Lipstick in 067 (not sure if you can actually repurchase this shade).

Over The Moon: This orange is graceful but not boring. It makes users feel like they are walking on air.

Certainly I ain’t gonna be walking on air when I’m using it, but it certainly is a nice nude to add to my collection. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, Paul & Joe does superbly awesome nude lippies that are worth the S$37 you pay for in Singapore. They are extremely moisturizing and the colors are great to match any look you may sport, and this comes also with the signature orange scent ^_^ Nothing too overpowering of course.

The lipstick also comes in matching swan motifs as its companion sported. What’s lovely is that Paul & Joe even printed a lone swan on the cap of its lipstick! *_* The Japanese really do take their packaging seriously heh.

Moving on, this is why the lipstick is called a ‘Cat Lipstick’. Instead of the normal slanted/rounded edges that normal lipsticks have, this comes with a kitty head! Not so good when you don’t use a lip brush to apply, I was thinking where should I position my lipstick in order to not ruin the design.

A closeup on the kitty-stick:

Looks a little scary aint it? Grouchy kitty! Hahaha. Nonetheless, I fell in love with the color and had to have it after seeing swatches of it online. Do use it sparingly though, it is shorter and lesser in product amount when compared to my usual Paul & Joe lipstick and definitely pricer. This kitty-stick has minuscule specks of sparkle in it when I looked closely. What’s a collection without some shimmer or sparkle eh?

A really cool thing about this kitty-stick is that once you finish it up, you can actually twist to remove it from the paper package and put your own lipstick in. Not sure if it will work for other brands though :S But anyhow, I discovered this when I first opened the kitty-stick and it wasn’t very properly secured to its base and my initial horror when I thought I broke my lipstick turned into surprise when I discovered this nifty trick XD

With this, I shall conclude my very long entry that took me more than two hours to write! WordPress was being a meanie and lagged so terribly when I tried to upload my pictures *cry face* Blogging is seriously tough and I now appreciate all the content my favorite bloggers put up; it must have taken them longer to make sure the swatches were accurate to color! >_<

Shall go for a steamy hot shower and then embark on Night 2 of my DHC Camu-Camu Whitening challenge! Everyone, good night! *waves*