I woke up late this morning and was having my lunch in front of the desktop when I thought of my ASOS parcel that’s supposed to be on its way to me from the UK. I made my order last week that consisted of three items from Paul & Joe Beaute, as well as a few other items for friends in order to maximize shipping costs. And viola! A few minutes later, I heard a woman’s voice outside my window calling ‘postman’. Imagine my delight when I ran to the door and saw the huge parcel in her hands 😀

Here’s my first-ever purchase from ASOS ^_^

Christmas came early for me this year, I already am opening presents in November! Though technically, I paid for ’em pressies 😛 The parcel arrived in less-than-perfect exterior condition, but nonetheless, it’s the inside that counts heh.

Do note that ASOS is having a ‘free shipping’ promotion for Christmas that is valid anywhere in the world! And they still stock the latest Paul & Joe Sparkles Collection as well as the Symphony sets as well! If you missed out on the kitty lipsticks or the eyeshadow quads (like I did!), you may wish to take advantage of the free shipping and order now ^_^

P.S. ASOS sells Paul & Joe items as well as exclusive sets at cheaper prices than retail counters in Singapore heh. Ah~ gogogo!

Edit:// I shall lump these pictures together instead and leave my purchases to another post ^_^ The weather was magnificent, havent enjoyed such a heavy downpour complete with thunderworks in ages!

I was struggling with the cardboard parcel since I always am too eager and tear into my packages. This is why I always request the Kinokuniya staff to open my magazines for me, I hate having to peel off the many layers of scotch tape though it would have made more sense to cut them open. Sounds barbaric even to myself haha, I look like a cavewoman tearing into chunks of raw meat the way I tear into masking tapes and whatnot.

Can you spy my items already? The Paul & Joe makeup bag is a dead giveaway with its distinctive signature print XD I was surprised to see so many inflated packs in my parcel, they remind me of the mini floats little children wear on their arms while swimming, don’t they?

I think these are ASOS’s version of bubblewrapping their products haha. Tried squeezing one for the fun of it but it just wouldn’t pop :X After clearing them away, tada! This explains why it was such a big parcel X_X

The Puma Urban Mobility Backpack belongs to a friend who was too late in purchasing it from the Puma stores in Singapore. Originally retailing at S$260, it was sold out in all outlets when we went to the Takashimaya store to enquire. After seeing it in the flesh myself, I have to admit its a real beauty with sleek designs that exude a quiet style. He got it for a steal on ASOS, it retailed for £110 and got a discount of at least S$20 after paying his share of the shipping cost. The sunglasses belonged to another friend who got his Ray-bans stolen at Sentosa. As you can now see, I couldn’t get the Paul & Joe Sparkles Collection Eyeshadow in Paper Moon out of my head. I did a makeover with it for my birthday celebration, but was too late in purchasing it before it was sold out in Singapore. Along with it came a skincare set as well as the matching Cat Lipstick in Over The Moon. My obsession with matchy matchy things knows no bounds I suppose 😛