My legs are jelly now, numb to the touch. That’s what you get after walking around in Temptation Land (aka Orchard Road) from dawn to dusk, literally 12 hours of ‘shopping’ from 9 in the morning till 9 at night. Not to mention, today was a repeat of yesterday’s activities, which is to say that my legs went through two whole days of ‘extreme exercise’, but why is it that I only have skinny ankles along with thunder thighs? *sighs* Woe is me.

Anyhow, I went for the Shiseido Sale today. Yes I know I’m on a permanent ban on makeup and cosmetics, but seriously, you would be a bigger fool than I am to pass up on these deals. I was lucky enough to be able to grab the entire White Lucent range on sale, including the highly sought-after cleanser which I saw a girl buying 6 tubes of (FYI 6 = maximum number you can buy of each item). I had my Paul & Joe SA hankering after me to sell my cleanser off to her 😛

My secondary school girlfriend, KX, was with me the whole of today. I’m happy to declare that I have company on the ‘omg-I-cant-believe-I-spent-so-much-money’ bandwagon. Today was a major haul day for her, we bought the same White Lucent range (which I fought for valiantly!), headed for lunch before going to Sephora for Benefit’s Brow Zings + Cleanser, Juicy Couture for a L/E Daydreamer bag (superbly gorgeous but I don’t need another bag since I already have the Neverfull >_<), Shiseido for the Maquillage Face Creator (3D) in 44 and a Sherbet Base (excellent oil control properties, she tried it on and no shine for 5 hours and counting), and finally back to Sephora for her Dior EDT. Expensive much? I should think so :S

It was really a heady rush paying for so many items and to be honest, simply exhilarating to be coming home with so many beautiful things that it was nearly futile to not tear into the packaging right there and then. However, it wasn’t so nice later in the evening when there was a huge cock-up (shall not go into details here, see Twitter for rant!) and having people stare at us lugging the gigantic Juicy Couture paper bags along as we zip around Takashimaya crazily.

No haul picture tonight, my eyes are drooping and ready to close any moment now. Still gotta remove my makeup and whatnot, bwahh. I behaved myself today, spent only during the SS and on my mother’s birthday present. Hehe, can’t wait to see the surprise on her face during her birthday dinner on Saturday night. ^_^

The both of us (or rather, her only!) really did serious damages to our wallets tonight, though mine was over a few weeks whilst hers was a fierce one-shot. It’s hard to resist temptation when there are so many sales happening during this period, but resist I shall attempt. Perhaps I shall do a Shopaholic and freeze my ATM card, hmmm…