Good morning everybody!

I hope you had a great Sunday as well 😀 My Sunday was spent cleaning out my room again – I didn’t realize I have so many books! Spent most of the day cleaning out and airing my cabinets, lining them with the papers I bought from Daiso, wiping down my books, throwing away two towers of them that were too yellowed to be kept, and putting my Daiso storage containers to good use. All in all, a fruitful day! ^_^

I saw rose-scented drawer liners from Marks & Spencers on Saturday, got a huge lemming for it, but didn’t know if I should splurge S$20 for them. What if the scent became too overpowering or worst, didn’t last a month?! :S

Anyhow, I tried on my Nudy Glow lipglosses last night and I loved them! Will exfoliate my lips first before doing proper reviews and swatches (peeling lips are so not desirable) >_< I have pictures of the last part of my Watsons haul yet to be posted, but that’s because my netbook (which is basically where my pictures are stored)  has an ongoing problem connecting to my wireless network, Singtel seriously sucks! *angry face*

Today shall be spent on blog entries, going through the first chapter of my ICM exam next Friday and maybe heading out for dinner in the evening. Though I really don’t feel like going out with my skin healing from the breakouts as I gotta slap on concealer and whatnot. 😦

Have a Monday with no blues! 😀