This is my first time buying something from Rimmel, a London drugstore cosmetic brand. I got a 3-in-one blush and a lipstick that looked promising on its product swatch (which looked matte) but sadly contained frosty shimmers. Ah, the bane of my life, frosty or shimmery lipsticks.

So here we have the blush in various shades of pink –

The thing I really dig about Rimmel’s products is that they have a crown pressed/emblazoned on them. Not sure if this is only pertaining to new products, but it definitely wins my favor. The three shades here are in various hues of pink, smooth to pick up (tried to photograph a swatch of them but the colors didn’t show up in today’s light :S) and esay to blend. I would think that the lightest shade on the right could act as the highlighter/base color for the other two colors. Would advise to use a light hand with these blushes as they are highly pigmented.

I picked up the Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipstick in 210 – Fancy at a whim. The shade before it was too dark for my liking, and Fancy looked just the right nude-pink that I love, without any shimmers. Again, please do not make the same mistake I did to buy without trying the products first, or even looking at swatches and reviews online, because the product swatch that makeup companies provide are misleading most of the time. When I opened the packaging, it was a light pink with frosty shimmers. Needless to say, it goes straight to the ‘resale’ bin.

The only saving grace? The crown emblem. But for frosty lipstick lovers, this might be your HG as the color applies light, color payoff is good and builds intensity without feeling heavy on the lips.

Finally, the complimentary lipstick that was given when you purchase Rimmel products during the Watsons sale. I recalled that the SA gave me an utterly hideous shade of muddy red that I would definitely chuck, but I managed to exchange it for a nice brown instead.

As you can see, the lipstick is a nude color leaning more to brown, but without being too brown. Am I making any sense? You can probably layer it with any similar lighter nude lipsticks in your collection and have a great color. I love it when I wore it on my lips, the texture was emollient and feels moisturizing. Funny that I actually like a lipstick that was given complimentary than one that I paid money for eh? But yes, you might want to skip the entire Moisture Renew range by Rimmel if you are a fellow matte lover, because all the colors contain shimmers or frost in them.