Hi everybody, I hope you enjoyed a great Saturday! I know I did, heh. Anyways, here’s a roundup of what happened.

  1. I went to the Metro Ladies Night and you guessed it, hauled something a few things back. In my defense, they were all necessary buys that are like the Hermes or Chanel of cosmetic brands. *guilty face*
  2. Woke up to 2 huge pimples and 1 which eventually ballooned steadily when I was out today, which means I have 3 angry, pus-filled pimples on my face now.
  3. Have no clue what is exactly breaking me out – the time-of-the-month-which-is-late-again or the new boosters in my skincare.
  4. Which lead to me walking into Watsons (AGAIN!) and buying the Garnier Pure Active roll-on in hope that it might actually work. EDIT:// The cooling gel turned into a sticky gel on my face, it’s sticky to the touch of your fingers. And I’m happy to report that yes, my ginormous pimples have actually shrunk visibly in the time it took me from the start of this entry to reach here, in <1hr! >_<
  5. And also bought the Garnier whitening mask sheets to try at S$2.50 per sheet. It supposedly contains 10 days worth of whitening essence, and I do need to fade my acne scars… *guilty face again*
  6. My complimentary fringe cut with my hairstylist ended up as a haircut that took inches off my length because I complained that I was having horrible tangles. And discovered that I have red spots on my scalp, which means I have to switch to scalp care shampoo for the time being else I would develop a bald spot permanently. I’m too freaking young to be having bald spots! *whails*
  7. Went to Daiso and lugged back 10 items to organize my stash properly, and oh, two plates with strawberries on them and an inflatable feet cushion.
  8. Counted the amount of money I spent in total for the month of November and was grossed out and so aghast by it that I am on a permanent ban to pay for anything more than S$10. What can I say, Christmas came early this year T_T and my pocket is screaming waaa.
  9. Shall attempt to sell off my MAC foundation that I find too dark for me already, as well as samples of my Paul & Joe Moisturizing Primer in order to clear my stuff. So anybody who reads this is interested in trying out the MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in NC25 or the primer can leave me a comment 😀
  10. Still terribly disgusted at myself for the lapse in self-control so I shall atone for it by staying home to blog out entries. >_< Ok I try la *fingers crossed* But reading the ‘What did you buy today?’ thread on Cozycot made me feel slightly better, at least I have company who are also in the ‘no more spending’ bandwagon. Haha.