I was cleaning out my drawers yesterday to make space for my cosmetics and skincare loots and I can now understand how gratifying it feels to do a spring-clean every year. It’s surprising how many old receipts get accumulated, as well as sentimental letters and whatnot that lies sleeping in the deep recesses of rarely-opened drawers. Anyhow, I’m so happy with how my drawers look now, part 2 will commence today 😀

The thing is, whilst I was arranging all my loots according to brands (yes I’m super anal about such stuff), I realized that most were unopened, probably due to the fact that I leave my buys in the bags that they come in and put them all in my closet. I have a (bad) habit of putting the bags on the bedroom floor which translates to a very messy bedroom, but I’m determined to clean it up today! Heh. Shall update later! ^_^

Anyways, the whole point to this post is that whilst arranging my makeup, I discovered something that made my jaw drop. >_<

Holy crap, I actually own 6 Canmake Nudy Glow lipglosses! They are arranged in order of shades, I have 2 of #1 – Rose Macaron, a single of #2 – Strawberry Whip, and omg 3 of #4 – Sugar Milk Tea! I loved the texture of these lipglosses, and they retail at Watsons for S$19.90. I bought my first Rose Macaron and my only Strawberry Whip at S$19.90, the rest I purchased as during their Best Buy promotion at S$14.90. As you can see, I have a serious hoarding obsession. The best thing is that they all have expiry dates of 2012 — that is if you leave your lipglosses unopened and unexposed to all the bacteria in the air heh!

*Colors are most accurate in this picture 😀

To be honest, I don’t think #2- Strawberry Whip can work for me, mostly because I probably need to exfoliate my lips really well in order to wear the color (the gloss settles into lines) and also, I really would advise wearing lip concealer for the color to show (it was a weird milky pink on me). I got into a serious craze for it after seeing the color on Eki from Ekimura – it looked gorgeous on her! I remember hunting for it everywhere, but the Watsons outlets seemed to be sold out of it. I eventually hunted one down at Bishan’s Junction 8 with L, but didn’t buy it until much later. >_< Anyhow, it will be going as a gift to a friend in Hong Kong, and another in #4 was purchased on behalf on my girlfriend who wanted a peach lipgloss.

I figured that since I loved Rose Macaron and Sugar Milk Tea, it wouldnt hurt one bit to buy a backup of these two colors during the Best Buy promotion. Sugar Milk Tea came at a later time (and love) because I was so preoccupied with the pink shades hehe. One thing though, #3 and #5 were both too dark, one actually reminded me of a concealer shade :S

Though I have yet to wear the glosses on my lips (aww they look so pretty just lying there in my drawer) but I will wear it out today! I’m sure that I will love the colors even more than I do when I just swatched them on the back of my hand. Reviews to come later! ^^ Have a great Friday, and oh, Metro is hosting a Ladies Night tonight with 20% discount! *waaa*