I went over to the DHC counter last as a whim, again I did not intend to actually buy anything because I already splashed out S$80 during the Watsons 3-for-S$80 and lugged back two bottles of the Acerola essence and another travel kit. But I was intrigued by the Camu-Camu Whitening range as it is designed for sensitive skin usage >_> I figured it would help me fade out my scars and whatnot, okay the drawstring pouch didn’t hurt as well – it’s so cute!! *_*

DHC has two whitening series – one being the Acerola and the other being the Camu-Camu.

I’m wearing Valentine by Revlon on my nails, the application was a mess cos’ the polish was super streaky, think it has overstayed its shelf life :S

It retails at S$39 and for that price, you get to try the entire Camu-Camu range. During the sale, it was going for 50% – S$18. What a steal! And the pouch is so cutee!

You got to hand it to the Japanese who are so into their packaging details as well as product research! Unfortunately the booklet is in Japanese and I can’t read its guide on how to use the products, so I’ll probably have to run back to the store and get some advice.

Alrightos, so the DHC Camu-Camu set comes with a lotion, essence and cream. I doubt you are supposed to use them all at one shot though :S I would prefer to have use them separately as boosters to my normal skin regime. 😀 Reviews on the range will come later!