Yes, you heard me right. It probably wouldn’t take a scientist, a bomb squad member, and the Majolica Majorca SA even a minute to decide how to depot the blush from its original packaging to its new home (aka the Customize Case), but it truly stumped me for like, 15minutes.

In order not to sound like a clueless, hapless bimbo (!!!! *twirls hair*), to my defense, I havent actually had to depot any blushes before. My first ever blush from MAC came in its own case, as well as my Paul & Joe ones and the Canmake ones which followed. Woe is me who bought the Customize Case just because it looked pretty standing there on the Majolica Majorca shelf!

Anyhow, I was truly puzzled by the whole procedure – I’ve heard of people depotting their NARS blushes, tried Google for advice to depot my Majolica Majorca blush, but all the search results lead to the former. Imagine my horror when I had to figure the damm thing out myself, it’s harder than having to brainstorm a PR tactic I tell you! I get stumped by the weirdest things I reckon.

So, the whole point of this entry is to guide fellow ‘stumpers’ to depotting their Majolica Majorca blushes. And not make the same mistake I did T_T *whails*

We start with these: Customize Case (1)

and Blush (2)

and choose a long, sharp weapon. Mine was a not-so-extraordinary pencil :S

Then, flip the blush case over and locate a tiny hole near the end of the case. Sounds confusing right? I mean to open the plastic case, pull out the one that the blush is sitting on, and locate a hole at the back which looks like this:

It is a really tiny hole, hence I suggest using the sharp end of a pencil (which was what i used) or better, a needle.

Be really careful at this point because one end of the blush will come out whereas the other is still nestled inside the case. I would advise against any (violent) waving to get the blush out, because it would most likely fly out and then break all over the (bed for me) floor.

After some careful maneuvering, here is what it looks like from the side:

A word of caution really, do not be tempted to shake the case violently/excessively, because the damm thing will just fly fast than you can say ‘omgwtf’. Actually it depends on how hard you poke your pencil/needle into the hole to push the blush out, just be gentle when you ‘shake’ it out to remove it. And with some delicate manhandling, this is what you get:

For all your hard work, you get this, your Majolica Majorca blush freed of its evil plastic case! However, please do not place it in the palm of your hand (see how I’m holding it with my fingers gingerly), because it comes with…

How thoughtful of Majolica Majorca to include glue spots to attach your blush to its Customize Case! But please be careful not to touch it with your fingers because it is a soft gel that is quite sticky.

So what’s left of it is to basically put Blush A into Case B and tada!

This is where my advice on using a needle would come into handy. I was worried that the glue spots, though sticky, might not be able to properly adhere themselves to the plastic bottom of the Customize Case. To prevent my blush from flying out (again!) the next time I opened the case, I used the pencil and pressed down on its lead tip to trace around the plastic edge. It isn’t very comfortable doing it cos’ I can see faint marks on the edges, and hence the blunt end of a needle would do very well.

And this, my fellow readers, is why you sound never be violent or impatient when depotting your blushes. After tracing the edges with my pencil, I still felt that the blush wasn’t sitting properly and decided to use the edge of my thumbnail to ‘push’ the blush in. And viola! Tragedy stuck T_T

See the little cave in my new blush? T_T Thanks to my clumsiness, my thumbnail poked into it and tada! I felt like a huge rock just appeared from the sky and pinned me under! *waaaaaaawuwuwuw*

Hope this entry helps somebody ^_^