I was almost ready to check out with my stash when I went over to the Majolica Majorca stand to look at eyeliners. Didn’t expect to buy anything from them, but the blush that I got was a lovely peach shade that reminded me of NARS latest blush – Sex Appeal. I also wanted another pink shade but sadly was OOS šŸ˜¦

Question: Do people actually buy cases for their blushes/eyeshadows? I bought the Customized Case for my blush (and havent got any friggin’ idea how to depot the thing without extreme violence!) because I thought it would be a flimsy plastic. However, kudos to Majolica Majorca for coming up with such a nice sturdy plastic packaging, the transparent blush case actually ‘pops’ in place when you close it, so there isnt any risk of the blush staining your bag ^_^

Here is theĀ Customize Case from Majolica Majorca! It is a ‘Case for Two Eye Shadow Singles/One Blush Single’ that retails at S$11.50 and has a ‘Magic Chant’ inscribed on its cover.

Apparently the ‘Magic Chant’ is this – Fulfills All Your Wishes. I was quite amused by it actually, if by shelling out S$11.50 for this compact case and it actually fulfills all my wishes (!!!!), boy is this a winner! šŸ˜›

Superbly happy with my Cheek Brush and my Tip & Brush, though I don’t own any eyeshadows from Majolica Majorca yet. >_> The brush hairs are not stiff and soft on the back of my hand and feels natural to the touch, unlike the RIMMEL one :SĀ As you can see, theĀ Custom Assist Cheek Brush (mini blush brush to fit in compact) S$5 is not the typical straight-end brush, it has a slight slant edge to it. TheĀ Custom Assist Tip Brush (mini sponge tip applicator to fit in compact)Ā Ā S$3.20 has a really spongy applicator that I trust would pick up color well.

I got the Customize Cheek in OR 211 that retails for S$14.50. I was amazed at the quality I paid for, the blush is pigmented, silky-smooth to touch and blends well into the cheeks. With a really light hand, it might just be a dupe for NARS Sex Appeal! The blush pictured is the best I could capture to its real colorit is a soft peach color that isn’t as dark as the color pictured; my room isn’t good for photo-taking at night :S Most importantly, it’s matte! I hate shimmers, on my nails, on my eyeshadows, but I’ve come to live with it somehow.

Edit: Here are more pictures of the Cheek Customize OR 211 taken in natural light! I couldn’t live with myself for the badly taken swatch above :S

This is the most accurate swatch of the blush indoors šŸ˜€ A really lovely natural peach shade.

The retail prices of these would cost me S$34.20, but I paid S$25.65 for them all during the sale. According to the SA who was queuing behind me (it was after closing already!), this 25% discount event doesn’t happen quite often. Can’t wait to experiment with the blush šŸ˜›