Last night was a way crazy night. Decided to traipse off and have some soju with L after our K-box session in Tanjong Pagar. Wasn’t very ‘high’ though, the Korean KTV that we went didnt have the original MVs of the songs, and one simply can’t dance to Kpop without the accompanying dance moves right? Not to mention, the words are all in Han characters, which for the life of me, I cannot read. Not so fun.

So a bottle of soju later, I was quite ‘up there’ already since drinking 20% alcohol on an empty stomach did the kicks, and decided to do something which turned out to be ultimately embarrassing. Which is to go up to the ‘cute’ boy at the Korean KTV bar and tell him that we find him very cute, and whether he has a girlfriend. I know right, not what any 22-year-old should be doing, especially when said boy is only 20. But well, I should say its my first time being so ‘irrational’, because whenever we hit the clubs or go drinking, I have to be the one who ‘looks after’ the crazy drunk girlfriend. But hey, I woke up at 7.30am this morning and All Iz Well. Haha!

Going back to the embarrassing stunt, it didn’t go well at all because ‘cute’ boy apparently is used to people telling him he’s cute and probably thought I was a ‘noona’ who had a little too much soju to drink. I thought he would have a little more sympathy than that, but oh well, we all run into walls at one point or another in our lives. Also, I thought I would wake up screaming in the morning when I recalled what I did, which includes talking to an 18-year-old (can you say 18? even my 2nd sister is older than that!!) about his O levels entrance exams. L thought that I had lost my marbles but no darling girl, I was perfectly sane and sober, just more ‘lively’. *wriggles eyebrows*

For the record, I didn’t wake up screaming. Haha!