I saw the most divine black half-trench yesterday, the cuffed sleeves, the belted waist and the open collar, mmm tres chic! Ironically it was at Topman, so the S I got was too long at the sleeves for me though it was a nicely over-sized trench. My companions were very amused, and we spent ages in the store and came out of it with purchases in hand. Sadly, the stores were all closed and I couldn’t check out any of the holiday makeup counters 😩 Singapore stores always close so early, which makes online shopping all the more addictive because the ‘stores’ are always open yes?

Oh, beauty.com which stocks NARSCOSMETICS (think Orgasm, Deep Throat!) will be having a 20% sale starting from 2 November! I’ll be doing my first-ever NARS haul as well. Everybody, go go go!

Going back to Topman, I didn’t get the blazer I wanted for myself though. Intent on getting it with the 20% staff voucher after payday (finally!!!) comes in. Heh. I was briefly amused when I thought back on my past purchases this week, I didn’t buy anything for myself (though I’m eyeing quite a few items) and what I did buy however, were all for G. I came back from City Square Mall in JB last week with a shirt and 2 tee-shirts, and I came out of Topman yesterday with this ‘hoodie’ thing, which looks very nicely thrown over a crisp white shirt. Sorta like a ‘knotted cardigan’ look that Korean men are very fond of. Anyhow, I could quite visualize how G would look in it, though the SA at Topman referred to it as the ‘Startrek thing’. Ahhh.

Anyhow, this post took ages to write because I discovered the utter genius of Google reviews and Youtube videos. I admit that I’m quite a lazy ass and I just tend to pop by the store, listen to what the stylist has to recommend, try it on, squint at it in the mirror hesistantly and buy it back home to properly mull over it. God knows that I had a heart attack multiple times over when I realized I was a ‘NC25’ for my foundation, and a ‘NW20’ for my concealer (which is pretty good btw!). For the uninitiated, ‘C’ means ‘Cool’, whilst ‘W’ means well, ‘Warm’. I spent quite a few minutes staring at the undersides of my arms trying to see if my veins appeared blue or green, but gave up after deciding that they looked both blue and green at the same time. Humph.

Do check out 2NE1’s ‘It Hurts’ MV! Awesome beyond words!