My plans for watching Pasta or venturing to my girlfriend’s place for a dip in the pool didn’t materialize yesterday. What I eventually end up doing however, was off by the tangent by quite a bit you see. Not quite how I would want to spend a Thursday, but heck, when salted egg yolk crabs are concerned, anytime and anyday!

At A’s urging, I plopped out of the house and met them at Sengkang before driving in to JB in the late afternoon. I also put on the Benefits that I bought, and boy is the POREfessional a winner! Though methinks I need some eyebrows really :S Anyhow, I was dead starving when I got there and we stopped for some Baskins Robbins at City Square Mall after R got done with his car. Seems to me that everybody drives to JB for their automobile parts, no?

Sidenote, I actually forgot my passport and had to run back to get it, major klutz moment! It was uber scorching hot as well T_T

Can’t remember what were the flavors exactly, but A had the Neapolitan, R had something that tasted like sea salt caramel, whilst I ordered a XXX-almond fudge. So yummy! High time for them to make their entry into SG I reckon!

A doesn’t care about taking pictures when delicious food is in front of her!

We had dinner quite late, around 11pm at night as we had to wait for everybody to drive in to JB after freshening up at home. My stomach was growling so bad! For 11 of us, we ordered so much food that I gave up on my rice and just ate all the dishes. The bill was quite a sum too, 680RM which equates to about 290SGD? We had butter crayfish too, which is uber duper sinful but yummy! I love their ‘doumiao’ and ‘sambal kangkong’ as well!

Looking at the picture is inducing drool :S

In all its glory, I present to you, salted egg yolk crabs! The pincers are omfg huge! Roughly the size of my hand I tell you!