I don’t eat breakfast. I hate eating breakfast during breakfast hours. I know that’s not what the doctors/nutritionists/mothers recommend, but my stomach reacts weirdly when it has to digest food in the morning. Starting with the innocent cups of hot milo, to the ‘brunch-type’ of fried bee hoon + egg + otah, I will have to endure pops in my stomach and eventually run to the toilet. Not so appetizing, and certainly not worth the trouble and pain.

But my mother, on the other hand, is an early-riser. Having to wake up at 5.30am in the mornings for her 3 daughters throughout the years meant that her idea of sleeping in is usually at 8am maximum. Now that she discovered the wonders of quality skincare and makeup (after much pushing and prodding from me, as well as looking at immaculate Japanese women in glossy magazines), she’s a stickler when it comes to morning routines. To be honest, I felt very guilty when my mother is even more hardworking than I am at putting on skincare and makeup, hurhur. She has on her skincare at 8am, does her makeup at 9am, and just in time for the driver to pick her and drive her to work. Me? I usually go out with a bare face most of the time. >_> Not doing much justice to my collections eh!

Before I deviate and make this breakfast post into a cosmetics post, I went for breakfast with my mother, and later to the wet market to buy a slab of fish, broccoli and carrots. And soy-bean milk. This accounts for the extremely ‘jelak’ or stuffed feeling that I am in now, and methinks a cup of coffee would do the trick.

And yes, I love eating breakfast at non-breakfast hours. There’s something pleasurable in having a plate of sausage, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and toast for dinner. It’s as though my body is tricked into thinking that it’s still early and all is good.

Anyways, I shall go finish up watching Pasta. It’s awesome when you can watch and salivate at food simultaneously. Or should I just ask the girls out for a dip in the pool? Decisions decisions.