With the dreaded ICM presentation out of the way (and boy did we kick some ass!), I felt so relieved and glad that the nightmare is over. It sure ain’t easy juggling work together with project commitments, but I shall not dwindle on the details here. Anyways, having ended work already, this means my evenings are perpetually free! No more having to sneak time here and there, yipee!

Alrightos, getting to the point of this post, I was off to a little jaunt around Orchard tonight and was thinking about getting a new foundation/concealer. I love my MAC ones, but for a NC25, the liquid foundation/concealer that I got made me look a tad yellow. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s just as though as my skin is smooth and clear but no light from within. I think most cosmetic lines are now emphasizing on the inner glow of your face, so it’s high time I try out something new.

To be honest, it’s not my first brush with Benefit. I love their some-kind-a-gorgeous foundation, but when it was first launched, the shade it came in was too dark for my skin. Sephora is running a promo where you get a S$40 instore voucher (valid only for selected products!!) when you accumulate a spending of S$240. And I got a 5% discount because G’s ‘tourist’ passport, heh. Much better than the 6% Tangs rebate or the 5% Isetan discount.

My haul from Sephora was pretty decent. The items on the first row are G’s. After much insistence from me to get something for himself, he settled on a clarifying shampoo from Fekkai and a gommage scrub from Sephora’s Bath line. Paid S$6 after using the voucher, which we redeemed after my haul.

Though you can get Benefit online at a much cheaper price (and they ship internationally too!), I think it’s wise to get matched to your skin tone and try out how the products look on your skin at the counters first. I usually only order online as a repurchase, because I’m tired of wasting dollars on cosmetic products that are not true to color. That said, me needs to find a Benefit spree to order my hands on their Dandelion. Awesome blush!

This post seems a little too awkward and courtly to my tastes. Hmmm, shall try to get my blogging drive back, though I cannot bluetooth my pictures from the Galaxy S to my Samsung netbook. Puzzles me extremely, especially when they are the same family. Hmph.

Oh, say hello to magenta flats! I had fun wearing them today and seeing the color ‘pop’ on glass reflections. I bought these after I came out of Butter one night with a bow missing on my pastel flats, sigh. They will be sorely missed. 😦