Instead of the usual 40-for-$28 foot massage, I got the 15-for-$20 one instead, because apparently my ankle constitutes a ‘sport injury’. Not to mention, an additional $6 charge for ointment. It was really a (!!!-omg-save-me-bloody-painful-!!!) experience, but my right ankle is feeling less stiff now. So hopefully I will be able to get better quality rest starting tonight, and that my right eyebrow bone wouldn’t hurt so much. :/

Other than that, I have no complains, except that my wallet’s gonna have an increasing hole in it if I do have to report for it daily. And oh, isn’t it funny how they can tell that ‘you have poor blood circulation’ just by feeling your toes? (Mine were cold) I would have blamed it on the air-con haha.

And oh, it was really funny how the therapists (the males) were talking about marriage and finding a wife. One of them said that marriage = responsibility, and while I have plenty to say about that, I was so surprised when the other (the one who is a happy-go-lucky bachelor) therapist exclaimed: “if you marry your girlfriend out of responsibility and not love, then you are letting her down….”

I’m so surprised by the odd snippets of wisdom I stumble upon in my life, haha.