Good morning!

I realized I have a nasty habit of dishing out cash for the weirdest items when I’m stressed (Lynnette you reading this? :P), especially for the cute little innocent looking Japanese blushes, lipglosses and nail polishes from Canmake. And god knows how many times have I opened the websites that stock such kawaii items and praying hard that the items I want don’t go OOS before I manage to get ICM out of the way and reward myself duly.

Thank goodness that Watsons and John Little is having some 20% or best buy promotion going on and I manage to get a nice stash of stuff from Canmake for a little over S$100. Looking at my pouch (which is a pretty little gift from a Japanese magazine), I feel strangely happy. Shall explain my compulsive collecting behavior next time, haha.

On the health front, my right ankle’s been hurting at the oddest hour. Started with me smacking it on some metal pole at least 2 months ago, and until now, my leg is stiff and aches at regular intervals. I know I can’t drag it out any longer, but my schedule is really crazy these days. Methinks I should go down for a foot massage and ask the therapist to rub uber hard for the blood clot to go away. Sighs. Pain alert 😩

I have it on my toes now! Shall not be tempted into buying such kawaii (but relatively small) bottles of nail polishes next time, but my ICM project has a theme of purple, and I thought it would be nice to demonstrate my support for the cause by having lavender toes heh.