Ok, the reason for this rather weird title post is due to, you guessed it right, the mug of orange juice that’s sitting quietly beside me now. It’s part of my endeavor to consume more body-friendly (read: less fatty, which means no more Tori Q Tontoro Pork [!!!]) vitamins and whatnots that will also, give me regular bowel movements. Rather lacking in that department I should say, ahem.

School is still alright, though a killer combination of school + work is slowly leeching the life out of me. Though it all ends in approximately 11 days or so, but oh boy, that 11 days that lay ahead of me is sure gonna be tough. Especially with 2 formal presentations thrown in, I’m shuddering at the thought of it already. Shall make use of my time and start earlier 😀

So what have I been up to lately? I think a more accurate update would be on Twitter, since I already got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S, otherwise known as the ‘Iphone Killer’, as dubbed by the lovely folks from Singtel. Prior to this, I’m embarrassed to say that I had no friggin’ idea of how to post my pictures together with my tweets, this baby made it all easy, and to top everything off, light. Which means that it doesnt hurt as much as the N97 when I lose grip of my phone turning off the morning alarm and it hits my sleepy face and lands on the bed. Happened to you too? I bet!

And oh! I’ve been ogling several very kawaii Japanese cosmetics! Shall reward myself with a haul after these 11 days of torture, hehe. It feels weird to be totaling the two months odd that I have been gone all at one shot, so I shall declare this a new beginning. After all, who doesnt love a clean slate eh?

On to a better tomorrow! (Fighting voice)