Yes I know, I have been a lazy ass for months now but I think I actually suffer from blogger guilt. What exactly is blogger guilt you ask?

Well, you know that nagging feeling you get in your head when you experienced/bought/do/heard/saw something new that you really should be taking mental note of (for the purpose of blogging about it thereafter) but you didnt and that feeling accumulates over and over again, until you feel that ‘oh dammit I’ll just let it slide since nobody ever visits this virtual space of mine’ feeling?

Well, dear readers, THAT is what I term ‘blogger guilt’, or maybe I’m just being ‘plain lazy’.

It’s been so long and quite frankly, I dont know where and when to begin with. But I think I shall continue with my foodie posts, since that ‘Kanimayo Sushi’ post got me a few hits, we can all do with comfort food in our lives yes?

If any should be curious what got me off my lazy ass and start updating this space, I shall say it’s all 周杰倫 ‘s fault. His 煙花易冷 got me all whimsy-lyrical, not to mention, melancholy. Especially after reading 方文山 ‘s post on the background story of how the song came into being, it made the lyrics all the more, more sad.

雨紛紛 舊故裏草木深

我聽聞 你仍守著孤城

城郊牧笛聲 落在那座野村

緣份落地生根是 我們

伽藍寺聽雨聲盼 永恆