Don’t you agree with me that my shoes are generally non-threatening? After being hit by 16 episodes worth of fierce shoes (4″ and more) and eye-blinding fashion, I came to the conclusion that my current shoe obsession can only be described as ‘mild’ or ‘boring’ or ‘passive’.  Though I guess if one wears only flats and the like, it would be for lack of a better word, flat.

These are from L’zzie and I’ve eyed its brighter counterpart for ages now, just that I felt it was unnecessary to shell out S$75 for a pair of so ordinary-looking flats. Imagine my excitement when I walked by the store a couple of weeks ago and saw them having a 50% discount for their shoes. And I happily brought home both pairs, one in sweet pastels and the other, a bright coral.

I know that some might disagree (strongly even) my habit of buying the same pair of shoes in different colors. All I can say is, if the shoe fits, buy it before it disappears from the face of the earth and you will regret like hell. A little too dramatic, but yes, it’s true. Especially from obscure boutiques that have fancy shoe boxes that have little pull-out tags attached to them. And at 50% off. And they go with practically everything in your closet. And you don’t get horrible blisters (okay I had them on my right foot T_T) because a size up from your regular size is still available.

And most importantly, it assures you secretly that you have a back-up should you wear the current pair to death and beyond, before you run back to the store and the salesgirl tells you “sorry we are sold out already” and then you feel sad for the loss of your once-favorite pair of shoes.