Holla, methinks me need to get me some Spanish/Portuguese lessons in order to decipher what me favouritest football players are Twitting about. Yes I know Google Translate would most probably do the job, but honestly it turns out into a mess of yaba-jaba, not good. Surprisingly, said favoritest football players – like Ronaldo (the real one! from Brazil!) and Kaka (not really favorite but okay la) actually are quite active on Twitter! Hurray! Now if only my most favorite Ronaldinho can actually begin Twitting too, 😡

Anyhow, I’m supposed to be tackling my Contemporary Approaches assignment, and god help us all. When A throws a bitch-fit, nothing else comes close, CC geddit? Just like the thousand-dollar flats she wears. If you become a lecturer and nurturing is not in your blood, please remove yourself and take yourself someplace else. It’s detrimental to student health and really, you hate it here as well. Why go to hell and be determined to drag all of us down with you?

Okay, rant is semi-over. The heart is heavy but I shall not write it here, this shall be my happy place, I wouldn’t want to burden anybody into reading emo shit haha. Methinks I need a holiday getaway, 3D2N for Hong Kong at $468, should I? Can do with some alone time hah.

*Edit: 4D3N F&E = S$508 + S$95, hmm.