I have a guilty confession to make. And no, it’s not regarding my assignment. I have this habit of scanning through other spreer’s orders and then clicking on the items which are repeatedly being bought and reading their reviews. Stalker much?

So now I’m making an order on Drugstore.com, after discovering several tried and tested cheap & good medicated soap bars. I never liked using soap bars, they are slimy, squishy, slippery, and I almost always drop them on the hard-mats of my bathroom floor. However, G uses them and hopefully they will prove useful for his back acne/scars.

Anyways, since I’ve run out of shampoo, I’m thinking of either buying the Essential’s Rich Premier range to complement the hair mask I’m already using daily, or this:

No point to post both the pictures of the shampoo and conditioner, they look alike anyways haha. This is the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Range and has garnered rave reviews from buyers, and most importantly, my fellow spree-ers are buying it too! It costs only a few cents more than the Essentials Hair Mask that I’m currently using.

OH! Watsons is selling this for >S$20! Drugstore.com is retailing it for only S$13! If you factor in shipping, the max you pay is only like, S$18? 😡 And S recommended this when she has to go outdoors for shoots, hmm. And I do need a body sunblock actually..