I went to bed relatively early at midnight this morning, but to my horror, I was awoken by screams, shouts and cursing somewhere around 3am-ish. The Germany-Uruguay match was on, and my whole family (except me) was out in full force rooting for the Germans. Woe is me who couldn’t sleep at all (my sisters left my bedroom door open) and I managed to sink into a fitful rest only when the match ended near 5am. Sighs. My eyebags are gonna overwhelm my face again, boo.

I really want to post a picture of this Korean drip coffee I discovered in 7-11 one night when I was going to play L4D2 with G. I love the Vanilla Latte, too bad only certain 7-11 outlets stock them. I previously thought the bigger outlets (like the one near my house) would, but I was left with a bigger craving when I didn’t see it on display. After our supper last night, G had to go to a 7-11 to get his mineral water supply (the woes of renting just a room to yourself) and we dropped by this tiny 7-11 outlet. I got lucky and grabbed two bottles, they are really small at only 270ml and costs S$2.20. I wonder if they would stock it in larger sizes (probably gonna be more expensive than a Starbucks regular), I’m feeling a tinge of guilt when I see all the empty 270ml bottles I have at home. 😦

Alrightos, am gonna hit the shower and go about my day. Enjoy your Sunday folks!