My initial plan for this night was to attend first a Malay wedding (which was conveniently located at Bugis – near my school), and later on, an engagement party. Both the bride and bride-to-be are G’s colleagues, and my ex-colleagues as well. However, my plans were, how should I put this delicately, stained. Oh well.

I then started out innocently enough to bring G some non-spicy food – the poor boy’s stomach isn’t feeling up to par and with a flu and cough constitues a ‘double whammy’. And his favorite mango pomelo sago. Which is uber yummylicious actually if you ask me. Then, we watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus whilst having our lunch (at 4pm!) and after seeing the skies turn a threatening metal-grey, G decided to stay in and accompany me on a movie binge. What luck.

Now that G’s out of the shower, we can now head for our late dinner/supper of BAKCHORMEE. Uber yummylicious at only S$2.50! Ciao~