I had the sweetest surprise when I walked into class (late) this morning and saw the handwritten invitation L had for me. Oh my, what fun to scheme for my attire that night, cotton-candy pink hair and as many sweets as I can wrangle, on my nails perhaps?

Anyhow, yesterday can only be described as “leisurely”, since I woke up at a godly 7.30am for my nails appointment at 9am in Yishun. Thereafter, I sat for 5hours straight before they were done, and rushed over to S’s house for a mahjong game. Did I mention that I really like playing mahjong? Like really really? I was lucky enough last night to “zi mo man tai” a few times, hurhurhur. Too bad we were only playing at 10c-20c 😦

And now I shall attempt to produce another article written after my own heart. I realize that I only write about things I’m concerned about (for newsroom), and my interests in itself may not be terribly important nor interesting to others. How ar?

E is getting annoyed at the ultra loud “clicky-clacky” sounds my extensions whilst typing on the keyboard, 😡 I have uber shiny nails now! 😀