Oh my, thank goodness I didn’t check out my haul at ASOS – they’ve just started their summer sale! Anybody who loves (collecting) pretty dresses should go check it out, shipping is decent at S$20+ per order, and it’s fuss-free!

Apparently, G and I have both very different tastes as to what constitutes as “nice”. The poor boy was bombarded with multiple links to what I thought were nice, and in return I had to wait for quite a bit before I got my response.

“Err, that one not nice meh?!”

“No, too common.”

“Really?! *incredulous*”

“I want this. *inserts weblink*”

“What?! Out of so many you only want THAT?!”

*sad face*

Anyhow, a second opinion is good, for I really am in the habit of being safe and buy similar stuff. Like how I bought a pair of flats yesterday at Lizzie at 50% discount and promptly decided to get the same one (albeit in a pale dusky pink) as well. Though I really get the most possible wear out of them, thus they end up looking horribly tortured and forlornly tattered that I have to be kind and throw them out.

Did I mention that the pair of MIU MIU flats I was lusting for were going for 40% less (off the retail of S$930) and the last pair was in 34.5 and I could just about squeeze into them, except for my slightly-bigger right foot? Oh the agony of it, something you have lusted for being dangled in front of your eyes and all you could do is lament the size of your feet. Ridiculously hilarious, I know.

Oki, shall go obsess some more over the dresses now!