The biggest mistake of today was venturing into and then couldn’t getting my eyes (and brain) off the dresses. It has been incredibly long since I bought stuff on the web (thescarletroom doesn’t count hurhur), and I’m pleased as peas to be able to place an order for Dermalogica, though my order will only reach me in approximately 4 weeks earliest. The agony of shopping in the USA, one has to rely on the not-so-reliable Vpost 😦

Anyhow, that would give me adequate time to finish up all that I have on hand now.Though methinks ordering a 16.9oz Ultracalming Cleanser is slightly suicidal as it equates to a 500ml bottle (oh dear), you can’t beat the prices from the USA cos’ the best deal I found in SG was 20% off the retail of S$113, whilst I ordered mine at 25% off US$49.5. You do the math.

Ok so, I was mumbling about ASOS and all, so here they are;

I kept thinking that one could rip the train off like some magician does to his cape to make a dramatic entry, though it would have been ordinary if it was merely a bustier dress. I love the drapes and fluidity of the dress, though the model is friggin’ 1.76m and I’m all of 1.61 boo.

An old design actually, but love the grey-nude color palette. Anyhow, it sure looks comfy to wear with the jersey material instead of having boning in awkward positions.

A seemingly innocuous dress for work, I love the subtle neckline. The daring open back makes up for all the drudgery of the dress hmm.

Okay, me shall go sleep now as it’s 3:14am and my eyelids are drooping. Apparently Holland and Uruguay are tied at 1-1, my money’s on Holland even though they kicked out Brazil. (sighs)