I really got to thank my blessings in finding a friend in K, the salesgirl at the Chanel boutique in Hong Kong. I think many would find it weird; how does two remote strangers become friends (thanks to Facebook) just because of a very random and strange encounter (and transaction). Well, it just did.

I tore open my package eagerly like a child going through his Christmas presents and couldnt believe my eyes. She included my order of the ring set (actually it contains two nail polishes and nail deco), my blush and along with it, the specially designed paper bag. Did I mention that JILL STUART, being a Japanese brand true and through, overloads on their packaging as well? It is now sitting prettily on my desk and I feel happy just looking at it.

That wasn’t all. I got a care package of two Korean masks, a Korean keychain and a pair of earrings. That was touching as I havent received packages in a long time. Now I wished I could actually fly to Hong Kong for her birthday in August, but my girlfriend couldn’t make the date. Am I being crazy by heading back so soon after 3 months?

Anyways, I’m happy. Arranged my overdue facial appointment for tomorrow, and I’m gonna have an early night before my eye bags and dark circles threaten to overwhelm me. All I need is courage to chop my locks off and dye it back to the healthy chestnut brown and I’m done. Oh and to lose weight. No more giving in to supper cravings whilst up doing assignments.