I finally got to opening and using the second Valentine’s Day present G gave me, which would be the Lalicious SUGAR KISS SOUFFLE set from Soap’N Sorbet (the first present being the pair of earrings which I regretfully lost). And found myself smelling like sweet pink cotton candy whilst killing zombies in L4D2 together with S and G.

So my afternoon skin/body pampering session went like this:

  1. Essentials Hair Mask. This is my second tub and I love it to death. Both the honey smell and its effectiveness in untangling my mutant crop of hair. I think my hair just evolved a level and now it’s like a foreign immigrant to me. Cheap too, at S$9.90 you can afford to do a good hair mask daily!
  2. Lalicious SUGAR KISS SOUFFLE Moisturizing Body Scrub. While waiting for the hair mask to set in, I gave my body its very first scrub in ages. Barring from the fact that I nearly wanted to nibble a little of it (being organic and paraben-free) thanks to its enticing scent, it gave me an afterglow and now my skin is still feeling “protected” by an invisible layer. Shall do a proper review after using it a few times 🙂
  3. LUCIDOL-L Hair Treatment Essence. This thing is seriously good! I bought both the spray and essence version, and I love rubbing the essence into my hair ends after toweling it. Gave me loose relaxed waves without me having to tong the ends! And my hair is soft and shines without feeling weighed down by the products I used, since a hair mask + essence would actually be heavy-weights for the hair.
  4. Pore Minimizer Clay Mask. Weekly detox for the face.
  5. Vitamin E Egg Mask. Double whammy for the skin!
  6. I got tired.

Am gonna be a good and diligent girl and stick to using up whatever skincare I have lying around. Realized that I have too many expensive stuff lying around, including that uber-guilty tub of SKINC Okinawa sleep mask in the fridge. Anyone wants some samples? 😀