leaving on your pore minimizer clay mask for too long is daunting, dry skin is the least of your worries, for when the break-out comes a-knockin’, that’s when you fall to your knees and start praying (to whatever religion you find a place in) fervently that you don’t wake up to a frightful face in the mirror.

Now excuse me while I slap on a Vitamin E mask sheet, with skin plumping milk & egg extracts to help protect skin cells against sun damage and fight oxidation for the skin to look and feel youthful. There you go, a complete regurgitation of the wonders of what I think, would (had better!) do the trick and fix my skin in 20 minutes, before I throw a bitch fit.

That said, C couldn’t stop laughing when she stepped into the dining room and there I was, drinking orange juice from a “friggin’ straw in a hello kitty mug like a tai-tai with a mask on!” I wish I could laugh when Friday 2359 rolls by and I havent submitted my homework. FMLGG!

And major annoyance today and semi-drama at my hairdresser’s. I fear they would kick me out on sight next time cos’ of the fuss I kicked up. But really, why would someone go to my regular hairstylist and tell her stupid things about her personal life which would definitely be passed on to me? Urgh Urgh!