This was me when I first had my hair dyed a healthy dark chestnut brown; the color on my hair now has obviously faded and my roots have already grown out a little. My hairstylist (G had his haircut and looks super (!!!) but I didnt take a picture T_T) recommended that I chop the last 8cm of my hair and then curl the rest, which would look like those Korean crops of hair you see on television. Yes or nay? She’s really serious about it now as she’s telling me to have some “mental preparation” first, a signal that she’s willing to cut now that I’ve “been through it all”.

Ok I digress, I scrolled down the page of my blog and realized there wasn’t any picture of myself and thus, a picture of me and TT’s surprise gift of a Marc Jacobs mobile strap! That silly girl hand-stitched the thing all by herself, something which wouldn’t been possible for me cos’ I absolutely abhor sewing and the like, and gave it to me cos’ I made a passing remark of how pretty hers looked. (FYI it was Chanel hurhur)

Anyways, to cut the long story short, I have a drawer where I kept away all the handmade gifts and cards I received. They were worth more to me than most of the others I received, simply because they were someone else’s ♥.

Picture of TT & I together; lousy camera angle I might add, lol.

Have a great week everybody! Cheers! ♥♥♥