I guess I got my just desserts after I basically went on an all-out food binge all week when I went down with diarrhea yesterday. After waking up at 9am (having only slept at 3) to run to the toilet, it was hell as I realized I had fever slyly creeping up on me later in the afternoon. Went to the doctor’s, requested for a jab as I couldnt afford to be out due to a 2000 word essay submission on Friday. Boy was I going to hurt.

You see, I’m no stranger to fever jabs or stomach flu jabs. I remember I had to take a whole week off from school when I was 16 because I was down with food poisoning. My stomach is rather delicate, and I bloat very easily. Doctor says I have to cut down on dairy (omg my cheese and creme pastas T_T) products, sugar (coke!) as they will cause my stomach to go hay-wire. I thought I was past that already since I have a strong appetite for spicy food now, but again I’m proven wrong. The doctor asked me where I wanted my jab and I offered him my left arm, but he said “I would suggest the butt instead” and I was horrified as I thought “butt = butt cheek”. However his definition meant the area near my right kidney. Apparently I was getting a 30ml injection, which is a really sizable amount if you ask me. And I was very close to tears after he jabbed me and the pain of the medicine coursing through my veins was so bad I couldnt straighten my back at all for a near 15 minutes.

$73 bucks and 30 mins later, I felt the fever aches disappear and my temperature (38.6) went down. Awesome jab and totally worth the pain! Unfortunately, I woke up at 2.30am to run to the toilet, and later at 5am, I was awaken by the urge to vomit and I did, 3 times in succession. It’s quite gross to puke out peanut butter pancake, the taste of the peanut butter in your mouth as leftovers was strangely fascinating.

Now I’m waiting for G to come home with century egg porridge from Crystal Jade and hopefully some snacks on the side. I could feel my tummy rumbling, and according to the doctor, it’s “a noisy mess of cramps”. I rather be down with diarrhea rather than fever, at least one is able to think and write coherently. Shall start on my essay tonight and hope to get in at least 400 words.

G has been amazingly nice so far, he accommodated all my weird requests graciously. Maybe this is what having a boyfriend is about, somebody is there for you when you are sick shit, beats dying alone.