I now have both Singtel Mio TV and Broadband, alongside with my Starhub SCV and to-be-cancelled Broadband. Why? Just because we all own Singtel mobile lines and we would then be legible for a discount on monthly phone bills.

Mio TV btw, is seriously sucky. And the Internet? Even more horrible. I lost connection for a few times within an hour. What’s up with that? And they claim that Singtel internet subscribers “do not have to share bandwidth with the entire HDB block”. If exclusivity = connection errors, I rather share my bandwidth and my wireless network password with my neighbours, thank you very much.

Much-needed rant out of the way, I’m still alive and kicking. Thank you to those who still pop by and poke your noses around for an update, I assure you that once my brain cells have recovered, I shall write away like no tomorrow.