Remember my mad cravings for Japanese food last week? Well, I was so surprised that Momosarus called and asked if I want to join her and Papasaurus for dinner at their usual Japanese haunt at Manpuku. Wouldn’t pass up a free sashimi fix courtesy of the parentals anytime!

Our family loves Japanese food, period. We went to the sashimi stall inside the Manpuku Japanese Gourmet Town in Tampines 1, where I previously had awesome fresh sashimi together with G. Apparently one of the older chefs (or maybe he was the only one) was Papasarus’s friend ever since we had the habit of ordering over at Cold Storage Takashimaya, and he is now working at Manpuku as well. I have fond memories of sashimi and my favorite California Maki, as well as the seasonal fish eggs. Yummyliciously expensive.

I thought we would sit at the usual seating of 4, but apparently the parentals usually sit at the sushi counter. Doesn’t matter, as long as I get my food, fast! Unfortunately, the California Maki was already gobbled up before I remembered to take a picture. Nothing special I feel, I still love the one I get over at Akashi.

Our chef-special. I’m still not used to my parental’s way of ordering, i.e. the chef would tell my Papasarus what was fresh that day, and what does he recommend. Anyways, I love their presentation. Fresh slices of sashimi are always put upon a huge bowl of ice, no matter how small your order is.

  1. Octopus. I’ve never been able to eat a whole octopus, like those tiny red octopus they serve during the cold-plate dish during traditional Chinese wedding dinners. They freak me out bad.
  2. Hamachi
  3. Otoro
  4. Salmon Belly. Yummy!
  5. Scallop. Yummy!
  6. Ebi

Hamachi. The yellow tail.

The Otoro. Actually I don’t really like the deep-sea fish sashimi, they have a different kind of flavor to their meat. Something foreign of the sea. My parents just think I’m cheap to feed and silly to pass up the good stuff.

I love scallops, either as sashimi or the Grilled Hotate with Garlic Cheese version. *drools* The ebi prawn is sickly sweet, when you bite into it you have a strange feeling in your mouth, like it’s a cheese tendril. Me no likey.

The creme de la crop. Salmon Belly. G’s new favorite after I made him try it.

Good quality and fresh salmon belly should look like this. It’s like marbled wagyu beef, snowflakes across the meat. And the fat is smooth, never dis- tangling itself from the meat. I know now the difference between the salmon used in maki and the sashimi version, they vary greatly in their quality. The salmon belly was so smooth and yummy in my mouth, I’m drooling now.

This mixed salad with home-made Japanese dressing was so good that we had 3 portions of it. Naturally sweet and sour at the same time, it smelt so good of sesame oil fragrance!

The Otoro practically melts in your mouth.

Our complimentary Otoro-fat roll. Oh my god, I saw stars. It melted the moment when I started chewing, and I could feel the healthy dose of Omega oil in my mouth, and on my fingers. Yummy! And you don’t get this on the menu.

Papasarus ordered these. Yummy too!

  1. Pork Belly
  2. Pork with Asparagus
  3. Mushrooms!

They were so good that, I actually went for a second order. The 1-for-1 Pork Belly was, omg heaven!

  1. Pork with Asparagus
  2. Pork Belly
  3. Chicken

Yummylicious Tempura Prawns! I don’t order this usually as they are pretty pricey for 4 prawns. The breading was so crispy!

Our complimentary tuna dish. Notice the sides? They are cooked around the edges while their centers are still mostly raw. Very interesting concept served with a slightly-spicy sauce. I exchanged for this with my chicken skewer. The chef was gracious enough to gift it (as a surprise) after I offered him one skewer for giving us such a delightful meal.

See how delicate the cooking process was? The center was mostly uncooked, while the edges are browned nicely. Leaves a very strange taste in the mouth as my taste buds scrambled to identify it as cooked or uncooked, coupled with the spicy sauce. Yummylicious!