I made a trip to visit my former dentist, who still practices at his clinic at Bedok where I used to live before I moved in primary school. The journey there was rather nostalgic as I no longer travel by that particular route anymore since I did not have a need to. Needless to say, it was like reliving my childhood moments as I relied on the sketchy details my brain produced in my attempt to locate his clinic.

While I wandered around the “wet” market (yes they had just washed the floor …), I was amazed by how different it was compared to my younger days. There wasn’t a public toilet, nor that many flights of stairs leading up to open-air pavilion of sorts, with a flower shop nearby. Incidentally, the stalls which I used to patronise when I was younger than 6 years old were still operating. Including my favourite Kway Chap. Yummy!

My initial apprehension at visiting the dentist was uncalled for, I was in and out of the surgery room in less than 30minutes. Though I arrived promptly for my 4.30pm appointment, it wasn’t my turn until some time after 6pm. I had a total of 7 fillings to be done, 2 were new and the other 5 had to be replaced as I had them done in free dental service during my primary school days. Urgh, the mental image in my head is already quite gross, haha.

I wonder why I often am  unlucky lucky enough to meet great doctors. One legendary is the Dr. Ong from Maple Clinic, whose appointment book is filled to the brim for months in advance. My next dental appointment is only in 2 weeks. 😡 I have an urge to get them over and done with, the high-pitched shrill sound of moving drills in one’s orifice  isn’t really to my liking.

My library fine was nearly S$30! But tonight’s visit proved to be a great haul as I brought home hardcover copies of my favorite authors. Also, I finally made use of the bag(s) which I bought way back in Bangkok last Nov ’09. I went out forgetting to remove the paper tissue coverings and tag, but it rekindled my love for well-made bags. I shall make it my motto to carry structured bags for the rest of the week, haha!

Anyways, roasted seasoned seaweed is too addictive a snack to last through episodes of The Hills. I’m already near the end of Season 3, gonna start on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Been staying at home these days, not a bad change actually.

P.S. I took pictures of my haul from Jill Stuart, but ain’t gonna review any cos’ I have to use up whatever cosmetics I already have open before (I haul anymore in the coming GSS) I touch the new ones. That being said, K is heading to Hong Kong this weekend! >_> Something from MIU MIU is calling out to me.

P.P.S. I think I might have gotten a wrong shade of blush. Hopefully I’m wrong and fingers majorly x cos’ it costs close to S$70.

P.P.P.S. Bangkok?