1. I haven’t had girly late-night conversations for a long time, late-night conversations yes, girly, no.
  2. Dinner at Marmalade Pantry was good. Am gonna order the Lychee Bellini (what’s the difference between that and a Martini?) next time round.
  3. I have a heavy stack of Japanese magazines (yay for the great selection at the Hong Kong airport!) which I only managed to read 1 (PopTeen!) and I added 3 more to it yesterday after my trip to Kinokuniya.
  4. My weekends are filled with L4D2, strangely I don’t mind with company I like.
  5. Looking forward to dinner with people I haven’t seen for quite a bit of time, and my girlpals’, and then some more.
  6. Can’t wait for the Great Singapore Sale and then check out Shu Umuera.
  7. Oh, and the fashion show in the end of May.
  8. Kim Kardashian is the only pretty one from the Kardashian family. Like seriously. Except for the obviously-done boobs, lips and nose.
  9. G’s flying off to BKK for Vesak Day weekend, and should I?
  10. Not to mention, it’s his 23rd in 2 weeks! Gotta start with the present hunt.