I love my mushrooms, but maybe more so if you fry them in more butter (channeling Julie & Julia now) and less icky garlic and no more of that green things floating around. Ok but still, I love my mushrooms.

So our Media Relations class ended way to early, so GK and I went over to Cineleisure, him to buy tickets for Ip Man 2 for his date on Wednesday, and me who suddenly have the craziest idea to buy tickets for back-to-back movies (which I have already blogged about). Thereafter, we had some time to kill so I suggested chillin’ at Wild Honey, which is located at Mandarin Gallery. I’ve heard so many raves about their all-day breakfast menu, and certainly, Wild Honey didn’t disappoint!

  1. GK with his Flat White.
  2. Me and my awesome Hot Chocolate
  3. Mushrooms 😀

Would I go back there again for afternoon tea? Certainly I will! The time spent with GK in Wild Honey was filled with some-sort-of life talk, the kind that are too intimate, too vulnerable to be shared, until an idyllic moment strikes you. The price is reasonable as well, both our drinks cost S$5, and my Hot Chocolate had bits of cocoa floating in it, yummy bitter when savored upon the tongue. The Mushroom dish costs S$3, which is a REAL DEAL imho, just that you have to pay for GST & Service Charge.

Till then, Wild Honey, I shall eagerly await.